July 26, 2012

2014 E-Newsletters

2014 Giant Garage Sale, Saturday May 31st
Next Saturday's Giant Garage Sale should be a massive event with 49 streets from the Homelands participating. You have one week left to get all your goods organized and out in your garage, ready to go.  Encourage all of your neighbours to participate in their own driveway as well. SHORA is doing the advertising to bring in the crowds: kijjji, craigslist, the Mississauga News and the portable sign you have likely already seen. If you are not on a main street you might wish to place your own sign at the entrance of your street so buyers do not miss you.Tell us you are participating and we will try to have signs directing them your way, but better to be double safe and have one of your own as well. SHORA has invested in paid ads on-line to keep us at the top of the page but you may wish to add your own free ad on kijji and craigslist to tell people about some appealing items you have for sale. Official hours are 8am to 1pm but you are free to choose your own hours.  Also be sure to have plenty of extra cash on hand so you can make change.

Local Talent Galore
Sheridan Homelands has produced some very talented people over the years and continues to do so. On Friday, June 13 from 6pm to 10pm join us at Thorn lodge Park to enjoy some great local music from the young talents now growing up at Sheridan Park Public School and some talents that have already grown up, such as Sean Pinchin and his band, and Chris Kerba and the Eclectic Revival. This is a great way for the littler folk to end the school year on a high note and for all of us to enjoy some great music from some of our proven talent. Check your just delivered copy of the Sheridan Times for more details and we will see you in the park.

Annual Membership Canvass
The annual membership canvass has begun and we hope that you will welcome the volunteers when they knock on your door. There are some streets for which we do not have volunteers so if you live on one of those streets you may have noticed a membership form and an envelope addressed to SHORA in your recent copy of the Times. Please take the time to complete the form and mail it back to us with your cheque. We do believe that canvassing door to door is the best way to maintain a connection with our community. If you are willing to help us canvass we would still welcome your help. Please contact us at info@shora.com if you are interested.

11 Division Open House
Our partnership with the police is very important to the safety of our neighbourhood. SHORA has a representative on the Liaison Committee. Sobey's is also an active participant and at the April Cram-a-Cruiser event 3695 lbs of food was donated as well as $972 in cash. Much of this went to the Deacon's Cupboard the closest food bank to us. On May 31 the annual 11 Division Open House will take place from 10am to 2pm. This is a great opportunity to have your children interact and have fun with our friends at 11 Division Police Station.!