August 20, 2016

Reclaim Market

SHORA’s 5th Annual “Reclaim Market”

Date: September 16-17, 2023

Time: Residents 8-10am; Public 10am-5pm

Where: Curbside, throughout the Sheridan-Homelands Community

What is a “Reclaim Market?”

A “Reclaim Market” is a sort of free garage sale. People can place items they no longer need or want curbside, and people are invited to take from the items that have been put out. As an alternative to a garage sale, it is more of a “Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure” idea.

The purpose of the event is to encourage landfill diversion, but also to build a sense of goodwill within the community.

How it works

1. Go through your household and select items that are no longer needed or wanted, but would be able to be used by someone else

2. On Saturday morning, BEFORE 8 am, place all the items by the curb where you usually place your garbage. This is important, as it will allow excess items to be picked up by the Municipal waste collection on garbage day.

3. Go through the neighbourhood and look for new treasures from other people’s curbs! You DO NOT need to be on hand to monitor or facilitate treasure-hunters at your own curb.

4. After the market, leave items at the curb or bring them to a thrift store.

5. Anything left after that will already be curbside for waste collection on Monday, September 19th .

That day, there is a garbage limit exemption, so anything left out will go to landfill.

What kinds of items are appropriate to put out?

All materials put out should be in GOOD or WORKING condition. It is not a JUNK market, but rather an opportunity for residents to offer things that they no longer need or want. If it looks like junk, wait for garbage day to put it out.

Some suggested items that would be appropriate are:

-Housewares (Dishes, cookware, lamps, etc.)

-Small appliances


-Books, CD’s, DVD’s, magazines

-Toys, games and puzzles

-Recreational equipment (sporting goods, outdoor toys, art and craft supplies)

-School supplies, backpacks, lunch bags

Who can come to the “Reclaim Market?”

In neighbourhoods immediately surrounding us, there are a number of residents who may be in need of basic household items and supplies. Young students, New Canadians, and people who receive income assistance may really benefit from having access to your unwanted items.

In order to MINIMIZE the amount of items going to landfill, the event will be advertised to surrounding communities as well. In order to ensure that the Sheridan-Homelands residents are able to get around the community themselves, the Resident “market” will be from 8-10am. For surrounding areas, the event will be advertised from 10am to 5 pm.