May 31, 2012


SHORA is a non-profit organization that relies exclusively on our members and partners to sustain ourselves. We do not receive funding from the government or any other agency.

Over the last 15 years, we have kept our membership fees modest, at $10 per year, and will do so for the remainder of 2019.

Due to a number of factors like inflation, volunteer turnover, lack of volunteers, and the changing perception of door-to-door, it will not be possible to keep membership prices at $10 per year and keep doing what we’ve always been doing.

Therefore, starting in 2020, we will need to increase the membership dues to $15 per year through an automatic subscription or $20 per year via cash, cheques, PayPal or e-transfer. This is lower or equal to most associations in Mississauga.

If you move or want to cancel at anytime, please send an email with subject line, STOP PAYMENT, to

1. Click the link below and pay using PAYPAL. You will be redirected to a different page.


2. Send a cheque for $20 payable to Sheridan Homelands Ratepayers’ Association at P.O. Box 287, 6 – 2400 Dundas Street, Mississauga, ON L5K 2R8

3. To pay via e-transfer ($20), payee is

In the ‘messsage’ section of the transfer, please ensure you provide your name and street address so membership can be properly identified.

4. Email us at or or and we will arrange to come to your home and pick up your membership fee.

PayPal $20

Subscription $15


SHORA Membership

Our membership year runs from January to December. Any resident homeowner, 18 years of age or older, may become a member of SHORA. Memberships are not transferable amongst households.

As a SHORA member, you have the privilege of voting at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on issues that relate to SHORA’s operations and activities. Each home is limited to one membership and the right to cast one vote. Current members are eligible to apply for a position on the SHORA Board of Directors.