August 25, 2015

Skating Rink in Thornlodge Park

Winter 2016!


This winter SHORA purchased a new tarp with the hopes of a great skating season and the forecast of a 'typical Canadian Winter', aka COLD, should help us out.  The rink has been flooded several times and we are currently waiting for the layers to freeze.

With colder temperatures upon us, SHORA is working to bring the natural ice rink back to Thornlodge Park.  In order to make this a success, we are looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance of the rink.

If you can help with flooding the rink (done in pairs) and/or keeping the rink shoveled when it snows, please email [email protected]  We can't make this happen without our awesome volunteers!


Winter 2015

With the help of the City of Mississauga, SHORA and our incredible volunteers worked diligently to bring the community an outdoor skating rink in Thornlodge Park during the winter of 2015.  We had many challenges, but were able to create a usable rink on approximately half of the original surface.  We are hoping that with the city's help, we will be able to have the area graded in order to create a wonderful outdoor rink to use throughout the winter of 2016.