May 23, 2012

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Garage Sale

Concert in the Park

Community Fun Swim

Family Fun Day

Shakespeare in the Park

Reclaim Market

Pumpkin Parade

Skating Rink in Thornlodge Park

Christmas Lights Contest

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2015 Peel Police Open House



June 25, 2017


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Sidewalk Update

Please be advised that any sidewalk that is patched with asphalt is just a temporary fix to make it still functional for pedestrians and will remain until the repair is made.  If there is a section of sidewalk you feel is in need of immediate attention, please email [email protected]

Emerald Ash Borer

For the latest information about Emerald Ash Borer, please visit the City of Mississauga website by clicking HERE

Please visit the One Million Trees site for tree planting information in Mississauga



For the latest information about the City of Mississauga Stormwater changes please click HERE



The following presentation was delivered during our AGM by Lou Castellani from MPAC. If you were unable to attend our AGM,  please CLICK HERE to learn more about your property assessment.